VSNA Scholarship Award & Religious Committee

VSNA Religious Committee:
A new project was started by Dr. Nagabhushan which is going to be helpful to the community at large. He aspires to set up a religious committee and appoint few members at every chapter level to train them to perform birth, marriage and funeral as per the Veerashaiva rites. Please contact BOR Chair, Laxmi Hiremath at [email protected] or send an email to [email protected] with your interest and comments.
2015 VSNA Scholarship Award
VSNA is proud to announce and remind all members of the High School Junior & College Scholarship Award for 2015. The Award will be presented to qualified individuals at the 2015 VSNA Annual Convention. The 2015 Scholarship Application Form is available at VSNA.ORG
Any questions, please contact the 2015 VSNA Scholarship Award coordinator: Dada Patil, Email: [email protected] Phone: 714-614-1653.