VSNA Convention 2015

38th VSNA Convention hosted by New York and New Jersey chapters – July 3rd an 4th, 2015

VSNA Convention 2015 – Registrations Now Open @ http://convention.vsna.org/

Dear VSNA Members & Patrons,

The New York and New Jersey chapter of VSNA is proud to host the annual convention in July 2015. This Convention will be a spiritual and cultural treat for all Veerashaivas gathering in New Jersey. It will showcase the best spirituality Veerashaivism has to offer. We have selected the theme “Santheyolagondu maneya madi Shabdakke NaachidaDenthayya?” as our convention theme. Theme is based on the popular vachana by Akka Mahadevi where she portrays her realization of how one must stay equanimous while handling life’s situations, develop a mindset of cooperative living, and as a community  maintain our identity (while adapting to our surroundings).

To make this a great experience to our guests, we have prepared a very well structured program agenda. Our programing includes intellectual discourses, spiritual discussions, yoga/meditation activities, and daily Liṅgapūja. You will see children of all ages participating in these holy events. Highly acclaimed professional entertainers from India and the U.S. will be performing at the convention. You will also hear great orators enlightening us with spiritual wisdom.
This is also a good time to socialize and meet friends and relatives living in faraway cities. The convention venue will host from about 1000 to 1200 Veerashaivas from all over the world. It is a great time to meet new people from across the globe!
You can extend your stay both before and after the convention to enjoy a truly worthwhile vacation in New York/New Jersey area. We have made special arrangement with Marriott Hotel to provide accommodations to our guests at a pre-negotiated rate.

With Kindest Regards,
Convention Team
VSNA New York – New Jersey

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