membership benefits

Membership Fees

  • Family : 50$
  • Single : 25$
  • Life Members : 35$

Membership Benefits

  1. Create awareness within family, especially the youth about the values of Basava Philosophy.
  2. To help your community and energize your life
  3. Tax deduction on contributions to VSNA.
  4. Networking among professionals.
  5. Religious ceremonies during special family occasions (birth / marriages / deaths etc).
  6. VSNA matrimonial services.

Activities within VSMI

Each of the VSMI/VSNA   chapter members are involved in many activities at regular intervals. The main focus of each of these activities is to educate the young Veerashaivas of the future generation of their rich religious heritage. The other focus is to practice and continue Veerashaivism among ourselves. Some of the activites are :

  1. Celebrate together all important festivals performed by Veershaivas (Shivaratri, Basava Jayanthi , Picnic,  Deepavali, Gowri Ganesha etc)
  2. Performing Istalinga pooja
  3. Special interest groups (dramas, dances etc)
  4. Reading and interpreting Vachanas
  5. Educating life and work of the 12th century devotees

Apart from the above mentioned activities, VSNA hosts conventions every year at a pre-planned location. This is a big gathering of all VSNA members throughout North America.