Gowri Ganesha

Dates needs to be announced , stay tuned….

About Ganesh Charuthi:Ganesh Chaturthi (also known chavathi Ga?esa Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaviti) is the Hindu festival celebrated in honor of lord Ganesh. This is a very auspicious day celebrated to pray to the god
so that every new activity that is started is successfully completed without any obstacles(Vighna = Obstacle). He is the God of knowledge(Knowledge = gyan).Chaturthi (Sanskrit) means “fourth day” or “fourth state”.Celebrations are traditionally held on the fourth day of the second fortnight (Shukla Chaturthi)in every month and is also known as “Vinayaka Chathurti”, but the biggest annual celebration in the month of Bhaadrapada in the Hindu calendar, usually is August or September in the Gregorian calendar. Badrapad corresponds to Virgo (simha/avani-tamil) in solar calendar.The festival generally lasts ten days, ending on the fourteenth day of the fortnight.