Central VSNA

The Veerashaiva Samaja of North America is a non-profit religious organization. It was founded in 1978 in Washington D.C. by the immigrants of first generation Veerashaivas settled in the USA. As of today, it has 17 chapters in North America. The VSNA Silver Anniversary was celebrated in July 2002 in Columbus Ohio.

The VSNA operates in the framework of its constitution. It is a democratic religious organization. The members, unlike Swamijis mission, math or foundation, elect its officials. VSNA administration has two major branches – Board of Directors and Board of Regents. There are about 1000 families in VSNA.

The Veerashaiva International Resource Center is the service arm of the VSNA. VSNA publishes religious education books, membership directory and Newsletters. The VSNA library has over 160 books.

The VSNA mission is to preserve and foster Veerashaivism (Lingayatism) in North America; and to impart Lingayat spiritual heritage, its universalistic democratic values through the teachings of Basavanna and his contemporaries of the 12th century. The VSNA’s major activity is its Annual Convention, which is hosted by one of the chapters each year. Religious scholars and Veerashaiva Swamijis are invited to the Annual Conventions to conduct discourses on Veerashaivism, spiritual discussions and religious practices. Youth tours and workshops, adult workshops, Vachana competitions, etc., are the activities during the Annual Convention each year.