2015-2016 Committee

Sanjeev Mungarwadi, President

“Resident of Michigan for the last 20 years and is married to Sunita Mungarwadi. Sunita has previously served as secretary for VSMI. They have two daughters, Monica and Nikita, both studying at University of Michigan.”
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Basavaraj Kalahal, Vice President

“Resident of Michigan, lives in Troy and works in IT field. He is married to Aruna Kalahal. Both are active members of Detroit/Toronto chapters of VSNA for the last 18 years.”
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Prabha Doddamani, Secretary

“Resident of Michigan for the last 35 years and is married to the VSNA founding member Gadigeppa Doddamani. They have served in various capacities at VSNA and VSMI for the last 30 years. They have two children and five grandchildren.”
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Vidya Angadi, Treasurer

“Resident of Michigan for the last 4 years and is married to Rajesh Angadi. They had been living in Canada for 10 years and are active members of VSNA in both Canada and USA. They are blessed with two children Amogh and Shivani.”
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Samarth Setru, Youth President

“A 11th grader at Stoney Creek High School. Parents, Prabhu and Deepa Setru, have been VSMI members for the past 16 years. Samarth and his twin brother, Siddanth, have also been VSMI members for 15 years.”
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